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Prestigio intros 22-inch P7220W widescreen monitor


Prestigio has busted out a new monitor for those looking for something a little more imposing than their 17 or 19-inch offerings, taking things up to a full 22 inches with its new P7220W widescreen display. Specs-wise, there's not a whole lot to distinguish it from other similarly-sized monitors, with it boasting a not uncommon 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 300 cd/m2 brightness, 5 ms response time, and the standard 1680 x 1050 resolution, with both DVI and VGA inputs, as well as a pair of sure-to-be-used 3W speakers. No word on price, but it doesn't look like we'll be seeing this one 'round here anytime soon, with it instead headed towards various countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

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