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Rumor: Katamari coming to the Wii?


According to a report over at Rumor Reporter, we could be seeing an installment in the Katamari franchise on the Wii. Apparently, they got their hands on a list during a corporate meeting for a major retail chain, which they fail to name, listing several of the titles that Wii owners could be enjoying this year, the most notable of which is a game titled Beautiful Katamari.

We've posted the full list past the break.

[Via Go Nintendo]

Here it is:

Alien Syndrome 5/29/07
Backyard Football 08 10/28/07
Ben 10
Beautiful Katamari 11/27/07
Big Brain Academy 6/28/07
Bust-A-Move Bash 4/17/07
Chicken Shoot 4/1/07
Chicken Shoot
Code Lyko 10/30/07
Crash of the Titans 10/9/07
Dream Pinball 10/1/07
Driver '76 6/28/07
Elevator Action 6/28/07
Emergency Mayhem 4/28/07
Family Fun 9/23/07
Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer 6/28/07
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 7/10/07
High School Musical 8/14/07
Legend of Dragon 5/1/07
Manhunt 2 8/28/07
My Sims Town 6/25/07
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End 5/22/07
Pokemon Battle Revolution 6/28/07
Spelling Spree 6/26/07
Spyro - Eternal Night 10/9/07
Surf's Up 5/26/07
Tiger Woods 08 8/20/07
Transformers 4/19/07
Tumiki Fighters 10/30/07

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