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Will you be revisiting the old instances?


In today's Around Azeroth, which featured a shot of the final room of the live wing of Stratholme, I mentioned the fact that there's no reason for new players to visit the place anymore -- they may only see it from screenshots! With quests in Outland waiting at level 58, there's no longer a compelling reason to visit the level 60 dungeons again and again for gear. You'll improve upon anything you find with your first quest rewards, so what's the point of running these dungeons? Won't they be left behind like Zul'Ferrak, Sunken Temple, Blackrock Depths, and other below-60 dungeons where it's often simply too difficult to find a group before you outlevel the content. It's not that these dungeons aren't fun, it's just that the trouble to find a group of players interested in running them -- when so many people are busy leveling towards whatever "end game" there is at the moment -- is often a pain.

However reader (and blogger), Gitr proposes an alternate reason to revisit some dungeons: solo content! And we're not just talking about what you can solo at level 70. If we get ten levels an expansion, the next one will give us level 80, after that 90, and eventually 100. So perhaps we can't do these things now, but will we eventually be soloing Molten Core and Naxxramas just for the fun of it?

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