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Yahoo! Widgets 4 released

David Chartier

We give Apple's Dashboard widgets a lot of time in the spotlight (hah!) here at TUAW, but that doesn't mean we aren't paying attention to Yahoo!'s Widgets community. Today, the company released a major v4.0 update that apparently was a long time coming, and they dropped 'Engine' for a name change to simply Yahoo! Widgets 4 (nice move). A meaty blog post on their official blog explains all the major new features in detail, and our own sister blog Download Squad got the scoop last night in their own lengthy post with more screenshots and a review. To summarize the new features, we're looking at: a 40% reduction in memory usage, automatic updates for widgets, a new widget browser, much improved UI and options, as well as some big new features for widget developers like SQLite support.

If you haven't looked at Yahoo! Widgets Engine lately, this jam-packed new release just might have enough to warrant another go-around. What have you got to lose? After all, it's free.

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