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Alex Kidd, Wonder Boy, and 2D Virtua Fighter 2 slated for Virtual Console

Ross Miller

Sega continues to throw its support toward Nintendo's Virtual Console by announcing three new titles that will likely be coming in the next few weeks: Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle, Wonder Boy in Monster World and a 2-dimensional version of Virtua Fighter 2.

Unfortunately, it is not the Virtua Fighter 2 that one might hope for. While the title was made originally for the arcade and Saturn, Sega is bringing the Genesis version to the Virtual Console. This far inferior version did not have an 3D engine and instead opted to approximate the renderings in 2D. It also excluded new characters Shun Di and Lion. Is this perhaps what spawned that Sega Saturn on Virtual Console rumor?

It was around this time last month that Sega announced its releases for March, so expect to see these titles arrive within the coming weeks.

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