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Japanese hardware sales, Mar. 12 - Mar. 18: ridiculously rampant racketeering edition


It's not very often that you get accused of being part of an evil conspiracy. It certainly isn't very often that you're given opportunity to use words such as "collusion," "racketeering" or "farcical," especially not in the same sentence! It is thus with great pleasure that we inform you that Joystiq has been implicated in an imagined and entirely farcical collusion that promotes racketeering.

The always entertaining and fundamentally unhinged attorney at lawl, Jack Thompson, has deemed it fit to include us (along with the ESA, Penny Arcade, Gamespot, Kotaku and more) in his latest attack on Take Two. Apparently, the publisher has "collaborated and conspired" with us to further their racketeering activities.

Of course, we're not even sure what racketeering is. "I'm selling these fine leather rackets," springs to mind, but we're convinced it's more complex than that. Perhaps we've been USING TOO MANY CAPITALIZED WORDS? Should we "turn it down a notch," as the old folks are fond of saying? Either way, please let us know in the comments section -- or else we'll punch you in the face and trash your store, ya hear?

- DS Lite: 121,471 12,959 (11.94%)
- Wii: 67,070 22,575 (50.74%)
- PSP: 43,769 12,406 (22.08%)
- PS3: 21,635 10,480 (32.63%)
- PS2: 13,321 1,264 (8.67%)
- Xbox 360: 2,910 423 (12.69%)
- Game Boy Micro: 727 85 (10.47%)
- GBA SP: 557 122 (17.97%)
- Gamecube: 367 127 (52.92%)
- DS Phat: 159 40 (33.61%)
- GBA: 9 4 (30.77%)

[Sales chart beaten out of: Media Create]

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[This edition inspired by our fellow racketeers, rocketeers and raconteurs, Penny Arcade]

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