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Nintendo in The Wired 40: Here comes a new challenger!

Nintendo sits as the lone new entrant in the top 10 of Wired's 10th annual Wired 40, a "list of the 40 most wired companies in the world" ... got it? While the other nine top slots were dominated by familiar faces from previous lists -- Google and Apple flipped first and second place -- Nintendo made the biggest splash debuting at an impressive number six. What's the rationale? The Wii, of course. The "acrobatic controller," coupled with brisk sales and buzz you can't buy, was enough to earn the Big N a place amongst other tech pantheons all while throwing in the requisite dig at Sony.

Other notable gaming highlights from the list include Nvidia, creeping up to number 10; Electronic Arts dropping to 20; IBM down to 38 (provides "chips powering all three top game consoles"); and Microsoft, scraping by at 40. For the statistically curious (or just impatient), pick up this month's issue 15.03; for everyone else, we imagine the entire list will make it onto their website shortly.

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