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Pharos GPS Phones released for sale

Brian White

Almost three months after announcing the Pharos GPS phone, the handset has officially been released for sale as of this week. Two versions will be available now (as expected) with the 600 model selling for $699.95 and the 600E going for $599.95. The 600E lacks the complete maps of North America and the Ostia navigation package from Pharos itself for $100 less. Both handsets, of course, come with the SiRFstar III GPS chip and WM5, WiFi and all other normally brandished smartphone goodies like Bluetooth and a 2 megapixel cam. Now that this beast is upon us at the $700 and $600 price tags, will you bite? That's quite a bit steep for a phone without 3G support, but if you're, umm, really chomping at the bit for a $700 GPS phone by a new manufacturer, here's your next phone.

[Via CNET]

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