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Fujitsu's 2.5-inch MHW2040AC HDD doesn't sweat extreme temperatures

Darren Murph

Continuing on the path of kicking out a large variety of hard drives over the course of a couple months, Fujitsu is at it once again, and this time its the MHW2040AC getting the spotlight. The RoHS-compliant HDD looks like your everyday hard disc drive upon initial inspection, but underneath its sly facade lies an ability to function in temperatures ranging from 30 below to 85-degrees (read: near face-melting heat) Celsius. As expected, the drive is being marketed as a rugged alternative for automotive / marine uses, where the internal storage is likely to face extreme temperatures from time to time. Additionally, it can reportedly withstand "operational shock of up to 300G" while requiring just 1.8-watts of power to read and write data. No word just yet on how much this temperature resisting beast will run you, nor if it'll ever arrive in sizes other than 40GB, but if you're planning a relocation to Moscow or Death Valley Phoenix, the pricetag isn't likely to matter.

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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