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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: mainstream edition

Ross Miller

Instead of trying to fill this part with meaningless dribble (at which we rock), we've decided to take a look at the comic world through two articles from this week's stream of mainstream media.

Our first article is a blurb from the Wall Street Journal's Career Journal, which recently highlighted what it would entail to choose comic-book artist as a career. Two suggestions: (1) be sure to attend conventions and network with publishers, show off your work and (2) make sure your work doesn't suck.

The other piece comes from Time magazine that discusses the proliferation of webcomics. It even includes complimentary blurbs about Penny Arcade and PvP Online, credited with being one of the first webcomics. Congratulations guys!

Now here are some of our picks for the week's best game-related webcomics, be sure to vote for your favorite!*

Rejected Wii channels
Check. It. Out.
Convincing rebuttal
Spectrobes, original IP
Like watching paint dry
Our old tricks
How awesome? So awesome.
Games have weird premises
Living achievements vicariously

* and gripe about the choices in the comments below. We know you will, we know you want to, we just hope you also suggest some of the gems we missed.

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