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Desktop of the Week for 3/25 - 3/31/07

David Chartier

This week's desktop is a bit of a curve ball and interesting (in our humble opinion) for three reasons. First, this isn't Mac OS X at all: it's a hot new beta version of Ubuntu 7.04, arguably one of the most popular versions of Linux with quite a bit of steam behind it for a number of reasons, which is likely running via Parallels or Boot Camp (we knew we could make the exception because it's from Flickr user Ali Karbassi, who we've noticed submitting plenty of Mac OS X wallpapers to our TUAW Flickr Desktops Pool). The second reason we gave this penguin-fueled desktop some time in the spotlight is because of what appears to be either some sort of dual-display setup that Ali is running, or one ultra wide display that we wouldn't mind getting our hands on. The last reason, of course, actually has to deal with the wallpaper itself: it's a great shot and we'd love to know where to snag a copy!

If you'd like to see your unique, functional or otherwise interesting desktop featured in our TUAW Desktops of the Week series, check out past featured desktops as well as the original post for the rules and to get an idea of what we're looking for. Then, upload your desktop screenshot to our TUAW Desktops Flickr group. We'll feature one or more desktops each weekend, giving credit to the desktop owner, wallpaper creator and any apps featured in the screenshot (if available). Keep those desktops rolling in!

[Update: The actual wallpaper here is the work of deviantART user el1as, titled In the dark.]

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