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Meet the Venture SHD7000 HD DVD player

Matt Burns

Boy it sure took long enough, but finally, a company other then Toshiba is producing an HD DVD player. Sure, it might be made by the same company that produces those low-cost Walmart DVD players, but before you say anything, think back a few years. Remember when DVD players where a thing for AV geeks and gadget lovers, costing around $150 to $200 per player? Companies like Venture, APEX, and all those other random Chinese companies did what CE giants like Sony and Toshiba couldn't - get people to kick their VCRs to the curb with low-cost DVD players. We aren't saying those DVD players are still alive and kicking but those cheap units put a DVD player in every home across the country.

There aren't many details about the Venture SHD7000, besides it plays HD DVD movies. We are assuming it has the mandatory HD DVD requirements of persistent storage, network interface and HDi support but other then that, we have nothing. Hopefully when more details emerge, they will include a price of around $100 and a launch date that is sooner then later. Just when you thought the format wars where dying down, here come the Chinese. FYI - Venture is based out of Canada with a Chinese manufacturing partner, Alco.

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