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Reminder: turn 'on' your PS3 tonight for Folding@home foldathon


Wanna discover a cure for cancer while you sleep? Or solve the mysteries of Alzheimer's in your dreams? Perhaps unfold the complexities of Parkinson's even as the drool beings to seep into your pillow? Then tonight, before you tuck yourself in, remember to power on your PlayStation 3 and launch the Folding@home application, joining PS3 owners everywhere as we commit our consoles' processors to the first-ever Sunday Night Foldathon.

Note: After installing 1.6 Firmware, Folding@home can be downloaded from the Network tab in the XMB menu. The application requires 250MB of hard drive space. Once launched, the application will automatically download a work unit from Stanford University and begin computation. If you're feeling a pang of gamer camaraderie, hit triangle, select identity, and join existing team #57516. All set? 'Kay, this is your cue to hit the lights and let Cell do the rest -- while you rest. Sweet dreams.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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