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Dragon's Lair bound for Blu-ray


Nostalgia can warp a mind in strange and terrible ways. Indeed, the fond memories swimming about in your brain may have lead you to believe that Dragon's Lair was, back in the day, a rather swell game. And look at that -- you've even been coerced into thinking it was a game. You've got a nasty surprise in store for you, or rather, a shockingly vivid, high-definition nightmare, should you decide to pick up the newly announced Blu-ray (and thus PS3) version of Don Bluth's "classic."

The postcard we received (depicted above) prompted this warning of sorts, but perhaps we're being too harsh. The April 9th Blu-ray version does come equipped with 5.1 surround sound, remastered 1080p video, creator commentary and several new interviews. The official website also points to upcoming Blu-ray versions of Dragon's Lair II and Space Ace, two of the most revered entries in the die-over-and-over-again genre established by Dirk's original dragon-slaying adventure. If you're going to be skewered repeatedly in a joyless animation showcase, it may as well be in true HD.

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