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HDMI- and 120GB-enabled Xbox 360 Elite: all signs point to yes

Even after offering the scoop on the worst-kept secret in gaming to Game Informer -- complete with pictures and pricing -- Microsoft still hasn't gone on record with the Xbox 360 Elite. We're left gathering the artifacts, like 21st century video game rag-and-bone men, eager to share our findings with you. So, we'll combine the existing -- Engadget's shot of the unit's HDMI port; Game Informer's scoop on the unit; and Engadget's follow-up on the new name and additional specs -- with some new breadcrumbs and call this "mystery" solved.

Dean Takahashi, a man with more sources inside Microsoft than out, says "several sources confirmed Microsoft plans to add this box to its product line." Then, Engadget notes a thread in Microsoft's official XNA Game Studio Express forum claims the "revised 360" will require no changes to support the HDMI output. Lastly, Xbox 360 Fanboy was tipped off to an early promotion for a 120GB hard drive "COMING SOON." So, what's the big secret again?

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