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Rumor: Namco Bandai hard at work on three... games? [update 1]


Remember Cellius, the subsidiary company formed by Namco Bandai and the head of Ken Kutaragi? You'd be forgiven if your memory is a bit hazy on the matter, since the $824,000 investment had naught to show for its efforts at the time. Today brings a different story, however, along with a slew of scans supposedly escaping from the pages of a recent Famitsu issue. It would be wise to sprinkle the word "supposedly" throughout this entire post, as these images have migrated hands and servers so many times, it's difficult to pinpoint their source or level of authenticity.

[Update 1: The caution was justified, it seems. Our Japanese translation slave brings up the following points:
  • These likely aren't scans at all -- they're either mock-ups or leaked page template files.
  • There is no confirmation that these are PS3 games or even games at all! Team Aces is behind the wheel, however, and they recently made Ace Combat 6 an Xbox 360 exclusive...
  • If Cellius is involved, it is not evidenced here.
While this new information doesn't rule out the possibility of these being PS3 exclusives anyway (the internets would certainly like to believe so), it would be wiser to take a step back and merely view these as new-gen game concepts.

Though the stunning screenshots of Brave Arms, Chain Lim!t and Second Season 01 could represent target renders or similar technical tomfoolery, the abundance of guns, explosions and atmospheric lighting conveys quite a bit of excitement nonetheless. Take in the full scans images after the break.

Brave Arms is probably...

Set in a pre-apocalyptic world of oppression and impractical fashion, telling the tale of a cybernetic ninja hailing from a post-apocalyptic future. In order to prevent said apocalypse from occurring, he must reach a worldwide television broadcasting station and spread the message of human acceptance and peace -- but not before decapitating the army of inept security guards standing in his way. At his side is the Brave Arm, a futuristic sword capable of experiencing a wide variety of emotions. Keeping the sword from becoming depressed, limp and otherwise useless is a key gameplay element that requires vigorous shaking of the Sixaxis and the constant collection of "Prozac orbs."

Chain Lim!t is probably...

A stuntman simulation game. Your character, Arkleton Leapman, is at the top of his field -- the field being the finely honed practice of leaping away from cinematic balls of fire. After selecting a starting position and reactionary scream, an explosion sends Arkleton flying. A series of button presses and Sixaxis motions will determine your landing position, with more awkward results netting you fewer points. The ultimate goal is to appear in a film with Minoko Kaplowe and, apparently, stick your face up her skirt. Par for the course in the movie biz.

Second Season 01 is probably...

A sequel to First Season 03, which itself was, confusingly, a prequel to Third Season 02. Second Season 01 picks up where the previous game left off: As Lord Stockington III, a disgraced ex-Buckingham Palace guard, it is your goal to be as rude as humanly possible. Part of this hinges on your ability to shove your way through crowds and wave a gun in every face you encounter (despite your gun never being loaded). Eventually, you build up your own band of ruffians and equip them with the ultimate goal -- booking an international plane trip and causing a flight attendant to experience a complete existential breakdown.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]]

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