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Ninja Gaiden Sigma > Ninja Gaiden, true or false?


Ah, perfection.
Is it truly attainable? The pursuit of an answer has apparently become the obsession of Itagaki and his merry band of ninjas, who are currently polishing their third incarnation of Ninja Gaiden. Perhaps you're not seeing the "real" difference between PlayStation 3's Ninja Gaiden Sigma and the Xbox original in the embedded version above, but this video does give us some sense of the layers that have been added to the 2004 foundation.

But is perfection through repetition a noble pursuit for Team Ninja? While most studios recycle their molds to churn out sequels, Team Ninja simply recycles the product of its mold to offer us more finely detailed versions of the same game, again and again. What is the meaning of this odd discipline?

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