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Optimus keyboard hits OLED snag, production still on track?

Darren Murph

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The Optimus keyboard has been a long, long time coming, and unfortunately for everyone with the $1,200 $1,490 ready and waiting, you might have to test your patience still. While release date rumors have come in all over the place, the dashing keyboards were slated to ship sometime near the end of this year barring any major production problems, but alas, it looks like the dreaded manufacturing hiccup has reared its ugly head. Apparently, the OLED producer that the Optimus creators were relying on have encountered some "serious financial difficulties" and won't be delivering the displays at all. Thankfully, it looks like the team is moving forward with other production steps anyway, and they plan to retrofit the keyboard cases with the just-in-time OLEDs (to be sourced from a currently unknown supplier) after most of the assembly is already done. So while we're hearing that the pre-order stage is still set for "near April," and the shipping timeframe is still penciled in for December, it could take a Christmas miracle to pull it all together.

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