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Pantech shows five-pack for AT&T at CTIA

Chris Ziegler

The FCC spoiled some of Pantech's secrets here, but Korea's number three purveyor of cellies still managed to bring some heretofore-unknown goodness to CTIA this week. Five new models are on the show floor to be exact, every last one of which seems destined for AT&T on account of the "C" prefixes in their model names. FIrst up, the C3b takes the ridiculously-small-flip concept of the C3 and adds Bluetooth, MMS, and some new software miscellany into the mix. Next, the C150 (pictured) does A2DP, over-the-air music downloads and a VGA cam in a thin candybar shell (in white or black... decisions, decisions!). The C510 -- not to be confused with the C150 -- also lies in the 2.5G realm but makes do with a "front scrolling digital display" and music controls, A2DP, and a 1.3 megapixel cam in a green shell (unlike the silver version the FCC saw, we suppose). Turning our attention to the 3G stuff, the C600 gets a Flash-based UI and stereo Bluetooth, presumably at a fairly reasonable price point. Finally, the C710 could end up being the most interesting of the bunch with the promise of Video Share support (geez, finally), stereo speakers, push to talk, stereo Bluetooth (notice a trend here?) and a 1.3 megapixel cam. No word yet on when we'll see any of these, but rest assured we'll be working hard to get these snapped in the flesh at the show!

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