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PS3 almost breaking records across the UK!

Nick Doerr

Here's a bit of great news for all the PlayStation 3 owners out there -- Sony's newest console has smashed away the competitors and claimed a record-breaking opening weekend for a home console in the UK! It has been confirmed that over 165,000 of Sony's powerhouse made their way into the homes of eager consumers. The total number of launch units available in the area was 220,000 -- that means about 75% of the systems were sold in a single weekend.

The previous record was held by the Nintendo Wii at 105,000 units, but who knows. Perhaps there were shortages. It seems the trend. There is, however, something that did sell better than the PS3 upon its launch. Luckily, it's another Sony product: the PlayStation Portable (which conveniently shortens down to PSP, don'cha know). Failure indeed.

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