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PS3 in Australia: AU $25 million in non-record breaking sales

Ross Miller

Though not record-breaking like its British counterpart, the Australian PlayStation 3 launch managed to rack up AU $25 million (US $20 million) in sales. An SCEA spokesperson told GameSpot AU that, while exact figures are not yet being released, that console sales has in the first three days "exceeded the previously published preorder number of 20,000 units," priced at AU $999.95 (US $805).

Let's outline other Australian console sales:

  • The Nintendo Wii is the current record holder, with 32,901 units sold in the first four days. It retails for AU $400 (US $322), equating to approximately AU $13.16 million (US $10.59 million) excluding software and accessory sales.
  • Before Wii, Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the champion with 30,421 consoles sold in the first four days. At AU $650 (US $523), that amounts to about AU $19.77 million (US $15.91 million), again excluding software and accessory sales. Microsoft estimated last year that they earned somewhere between AU $30 million and $40 million in total sales.
  • Sony did hold the record before Microsoft and Nintendo with the PSP, which at AU $430 (US $346) managed an impressive 27,055 handhelds sold, equating to around AU $11.63 million (US $9.36 million) in hardware sales.
The sales figures are probably not as impacting as SCEA had hoped, but at least they have the UK sales they can tout.

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