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Sony admits focus on PS3, finally going back to PSP


At GDC, we complained that Sony didn't care about PSP. Phil Harrison's speech was all about Sony's latest console effort, the PS3--Sony's handheld wasn't in the picture at all. Compared to Nintendo's continuous support of DS with original first-party titles, Sony appears to be neglecting PSP. Fortunately, someone at Sony's finally admitting that this is a problem. Sony UK boss Ray Maguire spoke to about PSP, and how it will try to compete against Nintendo's incredibly popular handhelds.

"From a PSP situation we have a wider split of third-party versus first-party than our competitors do, who are very much first-party developers. We've been putting quite a lot of energy behind PS3, now we'll be able to split some of those resources and go back to the PSP to make sure we've got some compelling games coming. As a criticism, yes, perhaps part of that is true. But we have a solution in place."

Obviously, God of War is part of that so-called solution. The localization of Jeanne d'Arc is another good step. However, Sony must do more to satiate our appetite for original games. When will we see some of these new "compelling games" that Maguire speaks of?

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