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Winamp and Orb team up to release Winamp Remote

Brian White

AOL has launched Winamp Remote as of late last week that hopefully will turn any xHTML-equipped mobile handset (like almost any modern cellphone) into a Internet-controlled remote for a user's Winamp media player on that stationary (or laptop, heh) PC. Running on Orb Network technology, Winamp remote is very similar to Orb's "MyCasting" service. This new service will give cellphone users phone-based access to those hefty MP3 collections sitting on that trust computer hard drive -- all from your cellphone's built-in web browser. Three items are needed: Winamp installed on a PC (where your music collection resides), a cellphone with a built in xHTML web browser and (hopefully unlimited) data plan and the installation of Winamp Remote on the same PC where Winamp is installed. A final question: why wouldn't one just use Orb alone instead of Winamp Remote?

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