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AddOn Spotlight: Cartographer

Eliah Hecht

Cartographer is a map mod. In fact, from what I've seen, Cartographer is the map mod -- it provides every feature I've wanted for my various map needs, and looks rather pretty while doing so. (The one exception to this is AtlasLoot's "what drops where" functionality; Cartographer doesn't do that.) Edit: apparently it does do that too! Sweet. In the screenshot above, you can see:

  • Flight point locations
  • Mining vein spawns
  • Trainers
  • Vendors
  • Available/completed/repeatable quest giver locations (there's a quest I could get at the Temple of Telhemat)
  • Levels and caps of instances
  • Full map, even the unexplored parts
  • Coordinates and distance from the player to where the cursor is
All the location notes on the map are learned as you play, so you have to visit an NPC or resource node once and from then on Cartographer will remember where it is. It's clever enough to auto-switch mining and herb displays on and off as appropriate, and I believe it will also not say a quest is available unless you're of sufficient level to take it. You can also create arbitrary notes on the map for any reason, and it has instance maps with boss locations and such. But I haven't even hit its best feature yet...

Waypoints. Waypoints are awesome; they will help you get lost much less frequently. If you right-click any note on the main map, you can select "Use as Waypoint," which will put this nice big floating arrow over your head pointing towards the note you've selected; it'll also tell you how far that note is away from you. This is invaluable on a flying mount, since you can generally just point yourself in the direction of the arrow, hit runlock, and go make a sandwich or something. When you get within five yards of your destination, the waypoint clears itself automatically; you can also right-click it to bring up a menu to dismiss it at any time.

All in all, Cartographer is a brilliant map mod, and I recommend it to anyone who uses their map.
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