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Consumer Reports looks at the 60-inch Vizio VM60P plasma

Matt Burns

Vizio is making a name for themselves lately and kind of reminds us of the way Westinghouse did a few years ago. The VM60P is a 720p 60-inch plasma for only $3,000 but it is built on the same system found in buzz-worthy 50-inch. Consumer Reports found the set to be worth of your three grand even though they did find small quirks in the picture. AV geeks will love the abundant amount of inputs including four, that's right, four 1080p-friendly HDMI inputs but the item that caught our attention is the remote. It's back-lit. Why don't more manufacturers include a back-lit remote these days? Anyways, for three grand this might be the set for you if you want a large flat screen HDTV.

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