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Creepy Sega developer kidnap video hints at April release?


Sensitivity to grainy videos of torture will determine if you want to see an alleged Sega viral marketing video found after the break about their big April shocker announcement . Sega Nerds thinks this is an official viral marketing campaign by Sega, but we're not sure. The Nerds say this isn't the strangest marketing tactic ever used by the company.

Nothing about the video jumps out as an obvious announcement. A man is tied to a chair wearing a bunny mask with two pseudo-Geisha girls flanking him. The first thing that happens is the girls wax the victim's leg. He screams that he wont tell what the April release is. Then a man in a monkey mask pops out the right side with scissors, the camera tilts down and the man cuts off one of the mask's rabbit ears to the sounds of screaming. Finally they torture the victim with James Blunt's You're Beautiful. Once again, depending on your sensitivity the video is after the break. So, are there any hints in the video about the April release or is it all just a weird ploy for attention?

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