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FREN-DCOD-ESAR-ECRA (leave off the P for 'phone pad')


MTV News' Stephen Totilo sacrificed countless hours and, some would say, his sanity to try and right Nintendo's wrongs -- doing the video gaming world an immeasurable favor in the process. He tried to make Nintendo's inscrutable friend code system easy to remember using our old buddy, mnemonics. The answer: "friend sentences." Taking a page from the savvy folks at places like 1-800-MAT-TRES (leave off the last S for "savings"), Totilo sought out the help of, a service capable of turning at least 10 of your 16 friend code digits into something that resembles language, and ended up with a solution, of sorts.

Our question? Why sixteen characters? A telephone number is limited to ten digits, eleven for some international numbers ... did Nintendo expect to sell more DS and Wii units than the telephone? (Don't answer that.) Regardless, if you want to rock some multiplayer Wii (whenever Metroid drops) hit Stephen up at ELF-ON-OX-7-YIP-06 or us at MER-5585-SEA-FIX-JUDO. Easy! Now, what's yours?

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