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New realms? No. Recommended realms? Yes!


Looking for new realms? Well, it seems like you're going to have to keep waiting. Just over a week ago, Tseric told us that there are currently no plans to open any new realms. And on Monday Drysc followed up on that by suggesting that players may want to consider joining one of the following relatively underpopulated realms: Velen, Terokkar, Rivendare, Shu'halo, and The Underbog. I, for one, am not sure you can really replicate the "new realm experience" on a low population realm -- there's just something fun about being on a brand new realm where everyone is just starting out, and typing /who 60 and not seeing a single player. And while it's certainly in Blizzard's best interest not to have to maintain underpopulated ghost realms, telling us to reroll on these realms just isn't the same as rolling out new servers. (No... I'm not a chronic reroller -- why do you ask?!)

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