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New WipEout game targeting PSP


Eurogamer has all the details on the new WipEout game for PSP. Entitled WipEout Pulse, the game is set to contain 24 reversible tracks, ad hoc and infrastructure multiplayer and, as you might expect, all manner of hovering vehicles attempting to blast each other into tiny smithereens. In fact, the smithereens are said to be so tiny, they are more deserving of the label, "smithereenies."

New features planned for WipEout Pulse are magnetic strips which force vehicles to cling to the track -- even if the track should decide to enter a loop or uncalled for vertical drop -- along with custom MP3 playback via Memory Stick and an online-enabled photo mode. As with the previous PSP title, WipEout Pure, Sony promises plenty of downloadable content for the game once it launches this September.

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