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WoW Radio interviews Nihilum


World of Raids has the story on WoW Radio's interview with Nihilum, WoW EU's leading guild in terms of PVE content. Awake and Ekke represent Nihilum and take us on a 90-minute audio insight into a top-tier raiding guild.

Covering topics from adjusting to TBC raiding, the recent nerfs to Gruul and Magtheridon, rogues and girls and raiding guilds, and even their bad taste in music (Justin Timberlake, anyone?), it's well worth the time spent listening to it.

My favorite part is when they discuss their preferred healer setup for a 25-man raid. Woo hoo!

Click on through to download the MP3 from World of Raids, then come back and share what you found interesting and insightful from the interview.

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