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Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword announced


Strategy junkies get ready to be home bound this summer, 2K announced the second expansion for Civilization IV entitled Beyond the Sword. The expansion will be out by the end of July and focus on the late-game time period after gunpowder. This puppy is big with ten new civs, 16 new leaders, five new wonders and a slew of other additions.

Civilization IV's last expansion, Warlords, focused on combat. Beyond the Sword is designed for the players looking to dominate through other methods. Corporations will allow players to trade resources throughout the world, espionage will be allowed earlier in the game and the race to Alpha Centauri will require more strategy. There will also be advanced starts, allowing players to skip ahead and experience the new content. Which is great, but like Damion Shubert said at GDC, "There's still nothing like that first hour of a game in Civilization when players are just starting their empire."

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