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Every PS3 gamer gets an "Elite" system

Nick Doerr

As fanboys of the competition, we feel it's necessary to write a little about the new XBox Elite thing. Is this flamebait? Most likely, but it's our attempt to look at the "value" behind the system and why the PS3 is still the most badass for the price. Joystiq commented on the new features coming to the XBL Marketplace and we have to tip our hat to Microsoft -- those are some great features and we're not sure why Sony hasn't implemented similar ones, since Sony is a gigantic music and film distributor.

When Joystiq cracked the price and details of the system, we looked it over and said "really? That's pretty unimpressive." We're not alone. Sure, the 120GB hard drive is nice, but PS3 owners can easily swap their 60GB for whatever size they want. About the unimpressiveness, though, even the editors over at EGM/1UP are pretty upset. "No built-in HD-DVD? No built-in Wi-Fi? This new Xbox 360 SKU hardly seems 'Elite' to me. I'm all for a higher-end model, but the lack of those key features makes this one feel half-baked. And actually, this announcement serves as just another reminder that the PlayStation 3 -- at least in terms of hardware -- still offers more." Word.

To top it all off, Dave Karraker, bigwig of Sony America, gave PS3 owners the ultimate compliment and the semi-ultimate smackdown on Microsoft's "new" product: "We view every single PlayStation consumer as an elite consumer. Meaning no one is going to get shortchanged at the end of the day, whether they bought one on day one or just yesterday." We are elite, folks! What do you guys think of the new 360? Is it worth the trouble, worthless, or an inferior attempt to offer what the PS3 always has -- and always will -- offer?

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