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Joystiq Podcast 003 - 1337 edition (feat. X360F's Richard Mitchell)

With the Elite finally making its status known, the PlayStation 3 finally making its European debut, and even more exclusivity brouhaha bubbling up, we decided it was high time for another podcast! So gather around as we're joined by Xbox 360 Fanboy's Richard Mitchell to go over the week in gaming.

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Hosts: Christopher Grant and Ludwig Kietzmann

Music: "Bone Wagon" from Grim Fandango

0:00:40 - The Xbox 360 Elite!
0:14:55 - The European (and Australian) PS3 launch
0:20:20 - PS3 firmware update adds background downloading
0:25:00 - Breaking down the Euro PS3's backward compatiblity
0:30:57 - Wii shortage is intentional, according to Gamestop (who're loaded)
0:39:01 - Devil May Cry 4 no longer a Playstation 3 exclusive (OH NOES)
0:42:11 - Dead Rising and Lost Planet to remain Xbox 360 exclusives
0:52:51 - 300 producer opens game startup, eyes 300 license ... loses eye
0:55:57 - What we're playing!
1:01:28 - Rumorang: NiGHTS 2 spotted on game mag cover

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