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Microsoft on the Xbox 360 Elite in podcast, vodcast, and Flickr

Microsoft is really into this whole Web two-point-oh-dealio, celebrating the unveiling of the Xbox 360 Elite with a podcast (not ours, this one's courtesy of Major Nelson), a Channel 10 vodcast with Tina Wood and, just in case you questioned their allegiance to the cause, a Flickr photoset full of real-life, non-press stills of the new black boxen. Of course, Microsoft doesn't have much bad to say about the $480 Elite, but if you're just in the market for some eye (and ear) candy, you could do worse.

Listen - Major Nelson: The one about the Xbox 360 Elite
Watch - Channel 10: EXCLUSIVE VIDEO! First look at the Xbox 360 Elite
Flickr - Xbox 360 Elite pics

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