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New Xbox 360 120GB HDD comes with a lot of conditions

Kevin Kelly

So, a much bigger Xbox 360 hard drive is a good thing, right? Well ... not when it comes with some fairly crippling conditions. Wired has the skinny on some of the small print on Microsoft's new little "Elite" storage device:

  • You cannot put the data from two or more 20 GB hard disks onto one 120 GB hard disk. If you attempt to move multiple drives, only the last one you move will be stored.
  • You can only move data from the 20GB Hard Disk to the 120 GB Hard Disk. Transferring data in the other direction, or any other combination, is not possible.
  • Any data stored on the 120 GB hard disk will be automatically deleted.
  • Any data stored on the 20 GB hard disk will be automatically deleted after it is moved over.
  • Once you move the data over, it cannot be placed back on the original hard disk.
That first bullet point sticking out at ya, just a bit? It might rub a lot of people the wrong way, especially since Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg told everyone to buy two 20GB HDDs back when they released all of the TV and movie content, and people were worried storing everything. Zoinks.

It's hard to think about people not getting just a bit cheesed about this. If you have two hard drives, that Microsoft told you to buy, and then when they finally release the new bigger drive and then tell you that you can only put one drive's worth of good on it, that's a pretty bitter pill they're asking you to swallow.

We've contacted Microsoft to get some answers on how that data cable does its business.

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