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Newton Peripherals ultra-thin MoGo Headset to charge via cellphone


Newton Peripherals is no stranger to the world of small and thin. So the miniscule size of their new MoGo Headset -- the "thinnest, lightest headset in the world" -- should come as little surprise. Still, at less than 5-mm thick with 6-hours of talk time and claimed "natural audio" sound, this Bluetooth 2.0 headset does indeed, impress. The headset can be charged in less than an hour via your laptop's PCMCIA or ExpressCard slot -- AC adapter is optional. Uniquely, however, is the tantalizing idea of storing and charging the thin headset via a slot integrated into (or onto) your cellphone (concept pictured above-right). Newton Peripherals is only in "discussions with one of the world's largest manufactures of wireless phones" at this point so who knows when we might see such a solution hit as product. Still, we likey eh Mikey?

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