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Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword unsheathed for DS


Captured in a blurry, poorly-framed celly shot are the first details of Ninja Gaiden DS -- er, "Dragon Sword." Rumor of this Team Ninja project has been lurking for years, last resurfacing during a 1UP interview with Itagaki this past October. Now Famitsu has the scoop.

The blurb indicates that Dragon Sword will play out with the DS oriented like a book, Brain Age-style. Another game gone digital comic? Probably not. Itagaki has suggested that Dragon Sword will be an action title; though Famitsu reports the game is controlled on the touch screen (except for blocking). So much for a classic 2D Gaiden... (Perhaps the dual-nature of the touch screen -- simple, yet limitless -- provides Team Ninja with a better shot at perfection.)

[Via DS Fanboy]

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