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Nyko's Wii classic controller Wiimote grip


A decent answer to a stupendous design flaw in the Wii, Nyko will release a clip to keep your classic controller and Wiimote together. We reported on a home made version of this before, which begged the question of where to wrap the cord. The Nyko version solves that with the"cord management system." By "system" they mean some extra space to wrap the cord around. The attachment's release date is still a nebulous Q2, but we do know it will retail for $14.99.

Well, it looks like Nyko is bringing on the random Wii related products we knew we wanted, but weren't getting from the big Nin of the tendo. The Nyko Wii recharge station is still the only one we've seen on the market -- what are MadCatz and Joytech waiting for?

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