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Ogo2.0 gets picked up by Revol Wireless in U.S.

Brian White

With Swiss folks getting the new Ogo2.0 recently, it's about time those across the pond get a crack at the new do-everything device. Revol Wireless will get the Ogo2.0 this summer, a perfect fit for the Ohio-based carrier. Revol Wireless prides itself on "unlimited" wireless services and has a target demographic of younger wireless users who, umm, tend to use thousands of text messages every month plus that slew of mobile IMs and a decent torrent of emails to boot. The Ogo2.0 device should fit Revol's strategy perfectly, as the CDMA device has onboard EV-DO (sigh, just Revision 0) and a full QWERTY keyboard for flexing those fingers and thumbs to the limit. Thirsty for more? Try this on for size (takes deep breath): QVGA, Bluetooth 2.0, RSS, Web 2.0 content interface, 2 megapixel cam, voice command, stereo speakers, microSD slot and quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE (for the GSM version announced for Swisscom earlier). Add in a healthy dose of OgoClips (like a bottle opener) and there's very little this pocketable beauty can't do. No word on Revol's pricing, but the Ogo2.0 should drop "this summer" according to the carrier. So, anytime from late June to early late September, eh Revol?

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