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Sony's GIGA JUKE units store, rip and sync your music


If you like your music done up digital, but would rather leave a computer out of the equation, Sony's new GIGA JUKE HDD-based system and deck should fit the bill nicely. The NAS-50HDE bookshelf system (pictured) features an 80GB drive, with room for tracks transferred from your computer, ripped from CDs, or recorded from radio and analog sources. Ripping takes place at a commendable 16x pace, and the system can handle tagging duties as well. There's a 4.3-inch color display to browse through your tracks, and if you'd rather listen to your musics on the go, you can sync with your Sony Walkman, Walkman phone, PSP or other compatible MP3 player. The NAC-HD1E deck handles all those same duties, but loses the speakers, beefs up the audio componentry, and offers 250GB of storage. We wouldn't mind a bit of internet radio or PC audio streaming thrown into the mix, but it looks like Sony isn't interested. These two will be hitting Europe in May and June, respectively.

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