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The truth comes out about DirecTV's 100 HD channels

Ben Drawbaugh

Multichannel news got more details about DirecTV's promise for 100 new HD channels, and surprise, surprise, there really aren't 100. First and foremost they are counting the NFL Sunday ticket channels, which seem very lame considering they are not on year round and have been carried for a few years now. That accounts for 13 of the 100 channels, but what about the rest? DirecTV's CEO Palkovic said they are actually adding 70 or 80 "year round" channels, which is still hard to swallow considering how many HD channels are due this year. If you were expecting some of those channels to be from Voom, think again, not only does he say that no Voom channels are included, but disses them by saying the channels DirecTV is adding "will actually be compelling". Wow those are tough words from a company that talks a big game and has failed to deliver anything new but low quality HD locals for the past two years. While we are skeptical of DirecTV's claims we will be the first to jump ship, despite the HR20 if all those HD channels become a reality.

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