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AT&T to add HSUPA this year

Chris Ziegler

Not to be outdone by the impending reality of nationwide EV-DO Rev. A from both Sprint and Verizon, AT&T's apparently felt enough heat to come clean with its intentions for an HSUPA launch. The technology -- the second half of the equation in GSM's HSPA 3.5G strategy, the first being HSDPA -- works the same magic for uplink speeds that HSDPA did for downlink, giving users uploads in the 1.5Mbps range. For the record, users of AT&T's present HSDPA network get hooked up with plain ol' UMTS uplink speeds in the high 300kbps range, so needless to say, this is an upgrade we can throw our support behind. Look for AT&T to roll out the requisite software upgrades to its equipment over the course of 2007, with the first compatible modems hitting midyear. Hint, hint: ExpressCards, AT&T. Please.

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