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Cisco smart bots act like rolling routers

Evan Blass

Has this ever happened to you? You're deep behind enemy lines, about to transmit target coordinates back to your command post for a good old fashioned carpetbombing, and just as you're about to drop the longitude in, your wireless network craps out! Actually, we really hope that you've never found yourself in this position, but for those that do, Cisco has developed a set of smart robots that tag along with their master, constantly monitoring their connectivity and attempting to bridge the connection in the event of drop outs. Part of the company's "Information on the Move" initiative, the unnamed bots were revealed at this week's Military Technologies Conference in Boston, where Cisco told attendees that this tech -- if not the the bots themselves -- could eventually be incorporated in autonomous equipment ranging from UAVs to Packbots. Naturally us geeks would also be interested in these go-anywhere communications relays, but until these bots find their way onto Newegg, we'll have to continue our search for a human WiFi detector that will agree to be our wife.

[Via Slashdot]

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