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Gamefly opening East Coast distribution center ... finally!


In a move that should bring much rejoicing by Gamefly members, compounded by their distance from Inglewood, Calif., Gamefly is finally opening up an East Coast distribution center. The site is located in Pittsburgh, PA. An official announcement has not been made by Gamefly about this new hub because they are working out the kinks to "supply the best experience possible."

Part of the email sent to certain members read, "Initially, we are launching this new distribution center for only a small subset of our members so we can complete our testing and training efforts. Over the next several weeks, we'll broaden the reach of this new distribution center to more members." Gamefly says the official announcement of this new center is not expected for a month or two.

East Coast members of the service have become accustomed to week and a half long waits in receiving their next game. Gamefly's fast return, which was meant to recognize when a member dropped a game back in the mail and then send out the next title on the queue, has been a hit or miss system. This new distribution site should cut down shipping times and alleviate traffic in the West Coast center, meaning faster turnaround there. All good consumer news. Gamefly also has some of the best deals in used games, they'll even ship the buyer the "new" case and manual.

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