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iTunes Complete My Album feature: No, thanks


Earlier today, Apple introduced a new "feature" to the US iTunes Store* called "Complete My Album." If you've got incomplete albums in your collection that you purchased from iTunes, you can buy the neglected tracks at a reduced price. This offer is good for up to six months from the time you initially download an album.

Nice try, Apple, but I neglected the songs I did because I don't want them. Just because they're cheaper or available for a limited time only doesn't make them more appealing. I'm going to guess that the record companies are behind this "feature" and not Apple, as the latter have always promoted single-track purchases, and the former have not.

*If you're seeing this outside the US, let us know.

[Via Infinite Loop]

UPDATE: Thanks for all your comments, everyone!

I won't be using the service, but if you will, great! I interpreted it as Apple prompting me to purchase music that I don't want.

I see how it can be convenient for many users, and a money saver to boot. Tow-MAY-toh, tow-MAH-tow. If "Complete My Album" lets you supplement your collection at a discount, than you can't argue with that.

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