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Keepin' it real fake, part LI: Motorola MING gets mangled


Pocket a bit shallow to fork out 3 bills for a Motorola MING? No worries, Engadget and the "Motorola Style BrandNew SMART PDA phone" have your six. Sporting cutting-edge technology such as the almost believable MOTO logo on the flip, MP3 ringtones touted as "Very Loud", and "more features that aren't listed yet!!" it defines top of the line. We were surprised to catch this on eBay and not in some high-end cell shop, perhaps because it is only dual band no carrier has jumped at it yet. Don't get us wrong, we just love to tease, and for only 150 dollars, it would be a steal at twice the price, if you got, say, a box of 50.

[Thanks, Andrei]

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