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Ninja Gaiden Sigma demo hitting Japanese PSN in April


Are you in the mood to run on walls, acrobatically decapitate your enemies and wear skintight leather, but all too aware that these activities are generally frowned upon by the greater part of society? If you answered "yes" or managed to emit any sort of monosyllabic response, then Ninja Gaiden Sigma is a game that just might appeal to you. If, like this blogger, you're slightly stunned by your preparation to buy the once Xbox classic for a third time, you'd do well to note the April 27 release of a demo on the Japanese PlayStation Network store.

With no confirmation of an American or European demo just yet, you might choose to wait until Ninja Gaiden Sigma's June release. Then again, there are other tactics you might use in gaining access to Ryu's PS3 debut.

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