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PS3 banned from British prisons

Nick Doerr

Keystone Light -- the lager of the poor college student. Random comment aside, I realize that there is a possible segue way to the news at hand. If you drink underage, you may get incarcerated and spend a little time in jail. If you love your PS3, you won't do that... because PS3's are banned from jails. In Britain. How did that work? Less than optimal? Whatever, let's get on with it.

Home Secretary John Reid thought that allowing PS3's in prison could be dangerous, as they may "send and receive radio signals" across the country, thanks to the WiFi and PSP connectivity. To officially quote Reid on the subject: "Advice was issued to all prisons in December 2005 that the Sony PlayStation 3 was barred from the prison estate because of the equipment's ability to send and receive radio signals." So they definitely hit this one before it even became a problem. Does this upset anyone? Or would sitting around playing PS3 all day be too good for those who made mistakes?

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