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Sony working on new 80GB PS3


Xbox 360 Elite is Microsoft's attempt at matching PLAYSTATION 3's impressive hardware features. While the Elite doesn't provide wi-fi support like the premium PS3, nor does it feature integrated HD disc support, it does offer a whopping 120GB of hard disk space, dwarfing the 60GB PS3 hard drive.

According to a recent FCC filing, it appears Sony is going to modify the current PS3 and include a larger 80GB hard drive: "The model CECHE01 to be added by the difference of the capacity of hard disk." Although this doesn't match the Elite's hard drive, it does add even more value to the $599 PS3. Current users need not feel short-changed, though. Unlike 360 users, PS3 owners are free to install almost any hard drive into their system, without having to pay ridiculous prices for proprietary peripherals ($180 for 120GB hard drive?!).

[Via Engadget]

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