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Boost to offer unlimited plan?

Chris Ziegler

Word on the street has it that Boost is poised to test-market an unlimited plan, though it's unknown at this point whether said plan would be voice only or would throw in all-you-can-eat data as well (a smart move, we reckon). If true, this lines up nicely with a previous rumor that Boost would start offering postpaid plans in the same vein as stablemate Nextel, but here's where it gets really juicy: the phone allegedly to be offered with the unlimited plan isn't an iDEN piece. We don't mean iDEN / CDMA hybrid, either -- it's a straight-up CDMA phone, the yawn-riffic Motorola C290. If that doesn't turn you off, and you live in Dallas, San Antonio, or Houston, look for the plan to hit shortly for $45 a month; meanwhile, folks in the Bay area can expect to shell out $50, and Southern California bears the brunt of it at $55.

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